Monday, 7 July 2014

Bite the Ballot: The movie!

Coulsdon Sixth Form College BTEC L3 students have been busy converting graphics ideas into exciting animated Gifs.

As part of a recent Bite the Ballot project some BTEC L3 students have made animated Gifs for Bite the Ballota not for profit organisation that empowers young people to speak.  All the work needed to be targeted to young people and to communicate the message that they need to be counted and make informed decisions at the ballot box.

Hannah Waters

Thi Pham

Thi Pham

Emma Reynell Boyd

There are many other reactions to this theme and project on our Flickr page here: 

Thursday, 3 July 2014


Coulsdon BTEC students Bite the Ballot!

Coulsdon College's BTEC L3 Extended students were asked o create a campaign to attract young people to vote and have an opinion.  The campaign included posters, adverts, billboards, stickers, t-shirts and web banners.

They were inspired by the messages and meanings in a range of other designers work, seen in the Jamie Reid inspired piece above and interpreted their work when producing their own ‘Bite the Ballot’ campaign.

Some made reference to the current political parties, while others used animation to invite young people to find out more.

BITE THE BALLOT is a UK Political Party neutral movement that empowers young voters and can be viewed at:

There are many other reactions to this theme and project on our Flickr page here:

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Design your future

Our BTEC L3 students have been once gain out and about, this time at the UCAS event Design your future.

This is an amazing opportunity for our students to sample a range of pathways that could shape their futures and speak to the Universities they are thinking of applying to.

Btec L3 Upper Craft Fair 2013

Coulsdon College's BTEC L3 Ext Upper year students have been bringing Christmas to the local community.

At the Rotary Club of Croydon's annual craft fair at Warlingham School they had the best pitch, front and centre, to sell their handmade Christmas cards, wrapping paper and tags.

The students made enough money to support the fair and their future end of year exhibition, plus made some valuable friends, with the whole fair giving them a standing ovation at the end.

Well done to all those involved!

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Tilgate National Park - BTEC L3 Trip

Tilgate Park in Crawly hosted this years Visual Arts Department annual vocational research trip. All students studying the BTEC L3 Diploma were invited to draw from life, experiencing all this wonderful park has to offer. 

BTEC L3 Upper students in the grounds of the Maze Cafe

This trip is always one of the highlights of the year and all the work produced is incorporated in BTEC L3 students projects for the first term.

BTEC L3 Lower students use natural surroundings to inspire their studies

Thank you once again to Tilgate Park for making us so welcome.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013


Welcome and Welcome back! It has been a great summer and lets hope the sunshine continues.  There is so much to look forward to over the next few months and what a year it is going to be for the Visual Arts department.  Here are just some of the highlights for the next six months:

September will bring us our annual BTEC L3 art and design sketching trip and the location this year will be an inspiration for all involved.

Coulsdon Students drawing in Brighton

October could be an exciting month for our photography first years as we are planning to build our own camera obscurer! watch this space for more info.

November and December are very busy months for all courses; this goes especially for the BTEC second years, who will be in a festive mood selling Christmas cards at a local craft fair and producing the artwork for the Coulsdon College Panto!

Coulsdon College's craft table at the Warlingham School Annual Craft Fair

January is often a time for new plans, but the Photography students will be reflecting on all their work, picking the best and entering it at the annual Croydon Rotary Club Photography Competition.

February's highlight will be focus on the Art Department resource area and the BTEC first year students as they present their very own 'Google Doodle.'

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Croydon Mayor photo shoot

Coulsdon College student Ben Hines recently had the privilege to photograph the outgoing Mayor of Croydon.  Aided by local photographer Des Wright Ben spent an hour photographing the Mayor in his chambers and office.  This was an amazing opportunity presented to Ben by The Rotary Club of Croydon as part of the runners-up prize in the now long running annual photography competition for schools and colleges.

It was a very relaxed and productive photo shot enjoyed by all involved and we believe that Ben has captured that atmosphere in the staged but ultimately quite candid photographers below.

Coulsdon College would like to thank the Rotary Club of Croydon, the Mayors Office and Desmond Wright for all their fantastic help and guidance and giving us this amazing opportunity.